"This saga is a story about God. It is the account of God's unshakable faithfulness to those who suffer. It is the legend of how God hones and shapes each of His children into the image of His dearly beloved Son. It is a chronicle of grace."

Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends


“As a documentary filmmaker, I have come across hundreds of interesting stories over the years. Very few have moved me like the epic and inspiring journey of Vanya Iliyn. I find it fascinating that, amidst the momentous events of World War II, God could be so taken up with the cause of a skinny orphan boy in China. But that is who He is.”

George Otis, Jr., president, The Sentinel Group


"This book comes out of a great heritage, with exciting stories of faith that will build your faith and inspire your work for God."

Loren Cunningham, founder, Youth With A Mission


"In giving voice to his father's first hand account, Peter [Iliyn] reminds us of the suffering endured by many of God's people; inspires us to emulate the perseverance, courage, and faith of his father; and helps us to see the greatness of God in ways that make our own challenges seem small."

Mike Treener, international president, The Navigators


"I love spy stories, the danger, intrigue and lots of adventure. Better yet, I love true stories with all the same elements. This book has them all! And underlying the intrigue and adventure in Russia and China is the story of God's grace. You will have a hard time putting this book down!"

Floyd McClung, international director, All Nations


"After reading this story, I bowed my head and prayed, 'Lord, give me authentic, deep faith like Vanya's!"

Dr. Bob Fetherlin, vice president for International
Ministries, The Christian and Missionary Alliance, U.S.


"What this world desperately needs is more dads like Vanya Iliyn, who, despite having to endure incredible hardships, became a very tender and loving father."

George Davidiuk, recording artist and missionary evangelist to Ukraine


"One of the most impacting stories of the grace of God that I have read."

Dr. Louie E. Bustle, director of Global Mission, 
Church of the Nazarene


"Out of the Far Corners is a powerful testimony of God's faithfulness that will bring the reader into a deeper love and commitment to our heavenly Father."

Dr. Jerry Rankin, president emeritus, International Mission Board, SBC


"An amazing story of perseverance and God's wonderful care and strength in all the circumstances of life."

L. JOHN BUENO, executive director,

Assemblies of God World Missions


"Peter Iliyn is a man of God and a strong leader. . . . Out of the Far Corners makes me even more impressed that God has His hand on
Peter's life and ministry."

Steve Douglass, president, Campus Crusade for Christ


"This book will inspire young and old to be true to our ever-faithful God. To pray, believe, and persevere for the glory of God!"

Paul Fleischmann, president, National Network of Youth Ministries


"This is an incredible story of God's faithfulness. Your heart will be warmed and encouraged as you read it."

Bob Creson, president/CEO, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA


“This book is a grand slam! It is a riveting account of the faithfulness of God in the face of insurmountable odds.”

Craig Hill, founder, Family Foundations International


"Out of the Far Corners is all you could wish for in a rip-roaring escape adventure. But Peter Iliyn has also given us a textbook for spiritual escape, as illustrated in young Vanya's release from the bitterness that could have followed years of abuse and being misunderstood."

John Sherrill, roving editor, Guideposts magazine


"I loved reading the story of Vanya, a man who allowed so much hardship to make him better, not bitter. . . . This is a great read and I commend it to all."

Dr. Hans Finzel, president, WorldVenture


"An epic story of an orphaned boy's incredible journey to freedom.. . . God is standing in the shadows on every page."

Dr. Michael Loftis, president, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism


“Peter Iliyn’s story is in many ways my story. His dad and my dad were not only friends but fellow travelers down the same road. . . . These are lessons that we all need in overcoming and forgiveness. Hopefully another generation will have the opportunity of learning them as we did from our fathers.”

Al Akimoff, YWAM Slavic Ministries


"This is a gripping and inspiring story. . . . It shows the heartbreaking sacrifice and agony of seeking freedom and illustrates the simple power of helping one another."

Dr. Rick Hicks, North American area leader, Operation Mobilization


"Vanya's life is a testimony that hearing the voice of God, endurance, perseverance, forgiveness, and faithfulness with a heart full of gratitude is the only path to true peace, happiness, and personal safety and security in this fallen world."

Fred Markert, international director, YWAM Strategic Frontiers


"Feeling a little overwhelmed? Sometimes we need a reminder of the greatness of God through an inspiring true story. . . . This is such a book, a page-turner that moves from darkness to dawn as the epic story of one man's life unfolds."

John Dawson, president, Youth With A Mission International


"A wonderful story of God's unfailing, miraculous manifestation of His faithful deliverance from seemingly impossible hardship and circumstances. You won't put the book down and your heart will be drawn closer to the only true and living God."

Dr. Ted Barnett, U.S. director of Africa Inland Mission


"Vanya Iliyn's story is a Russian version of Brother "Yun's Heavenly Man". It reminded me of my own father's favorite saying:  'I cried because i had no shoes until i met a man who had no feet.' I'm not going to whine about my life circumstances anymore. Re-telling his father's journey of courage and character during the tumultuous years of Russian communism, peter iliyn has pointed me to grace and contentment."

Ron Boehme, YWAM US Renewal